Q & A With Lakeside Inn’s Resident Author

Stacey Coverstone is Lakeside Inn’s HR Manager and Special Events Manager, but what many people don’t know is that she’s also a novelist. To date, she has 30 books published. One of her books, Lake Tavadora (The Trilogy), was inspired by and is set at Lakeside Inn and Lake Dora.

Q: What is Lake Tavadora (The Trilogy) about?

A: There are three novellas within one book—one is set in the past, one in the present, and one in the future. Combining mystery, romance, and the supernatural, these stories weave together memorable characters who live and work on the lake in a small Florida town from the years 1881-2120.

Q: Where can this book be purchased?

A: It’s available as an Ebook and in paperback on Amazon. You can also buy the paperback at The Gatehouse, Lakeside Inn’s on-site gift shop. Stacey will even autograph a copy for you!

Q: When did you start writing?

A: I’ve been writing stories all my life, but I wrote my first full-length novel in 2006 after spending a week at Cowgirl Camp in Gila, New Mexico, which inspired me to write a contemporary western romance. That novel was quickly accepted for publication and the rest his history, as they say.

Q: What genres do you write in?

A: I write in a variety of genres: Contemporary and Historical Western Romance, Mystery, Gothic, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, Time Travel, and General Humor and Inspirational Fiction. There’s something for everyone. I’ve even written a pirate story!

Q: Do you write stand-alone books or series?

A: Both. I’ve written 4 series so far: The Lucky in Love Series (Contemporary Western Romance), The Briony Martin Mystery Series (1950’s Era Paranormal Mysteries), The Spirited Western Women Series (Historical Western Romance), and the Historical Western Mystery Companion books, The Lawsons of Laramie and Friends and Enemies.

Q: You’re also a freelance fiction editor.

A: Yes, I enjoy working with both established and new authors, traditionally published and self-published. Writing is my passion. When I was starting out, I received help and encouragement from experienced writers and editors, so it’s satisfying to be able to pay it forward.

Q: What is your most recently published book about?

A: The title is Susanna From the Sea: A Lighthouse Novella. This story is set in 1896 on the Lost Coast of Northern California. A lighthouse keeper and his young daughter discover a woman on their doorstep one morning after a storm—a woman who touches their hearts while holding tight to a secret.

Q: How can people find your books?

A: They can browse my website to view all my books and to read their descriptions: www.staceycoverstone.com. They can also search my name on www.amazon.com, where all my books are sold.

Stacey invites you to visit the Inn and Lake Dora, and while you’re here, stop by The Gatehouse Gift Shop, where you can find not only her book, but regional art, jewelry, and Lakeside Inn keepsakes and souvenirs.

Image Susanna from the Sea Book