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An Interesting Dicovery

pichetteWell, we haven't yet discovered the treasure buried behind one of these walls (ha, ha), but we'll keep looking. We did however discover the piece of wood pictured below.  It was a baseboard in room 126 of the Gables Building.  In tearing it out, one of our carpenters noticed there was some writing on the back.  Written on the back is...

Put on by
Louis A. Pichette     Oct 1928
Northampton  Mass  &  Mt Dora  Fla        

Pretty interesting and evidently a fairly common practice by carpenters, when building a house or commercial building.  I did a quick Google search of the name and Northampton to see if anything popped up.  Nothing obvious, immediate, or notorious, so it is probably safe to say that he was an average guy down here because there was work available and by October it was already getting a bit too cold up in Massachusetts.

The Orange Blossom Cannonball

Orange-Blossom-CannonballIf everything goes as planned, the train should be returning to Mount Dora by about late March.  However, this is not just any train.  This is perhaps the most photographed and most widely seen train in the country.  In fact, if you've seen any movie about that supposedly takes place in the late 1800's or early 1900's... and has a train somewhere in the script, this is probably that train.  The fully restored 1907 locomotive is named the Orange Blossom Cannonball and will offer several daily trips from our doorstep to Tavares and beyond.  Passengers will have the opportunity to ride in restored cars and experience what train travel would have been like back in that era.  Work is currently underway to repair any sections of tracks needing attention.  It is expected that this work will be completed by mid-March.  Think of it... when the train returns, you will be able to board a train, a boat or a seaplane all within a couple of hundred feet of our lobby.